Category: Veazie Police News

Recent Scam Information

Attorney General warns Mainers to be suspicious of callers demanding immediate payment of a debt by pre-paid debit cards or other cash transfers   (AUGUSTA)  Attorney General Janet T. Mills reports that her Office has received many recent reports of aggressive calls from scammers demanding immediate payments on supposed debts.  The common thread among the …

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Fall Driving Tip

Now that a great deal of the fall foliage has fallen to the ground, I thought it prudent to point out to area drivers a potential issue to be aware of:  Fallen leaves can be just as slippery as ice or snow, especially when wet.  Just something to keep in mind when you are out and about and have to …

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Fireplace/Woodstove Reminder

As the temperatures drop and folks start to build that first fire of the year, we’d like to remind everyone to have your chimneys checked and/or cleaned by a professional prior to the wood burning season getting into full swing.  The Veazie Fire Department responded to a chimney fire last week and, luckily, it turned out well …

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