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Citizen Public Safety Academy

UPCOMING ACADEMYTo Be Determined-The CPSA has been placed on hold until further notice.


The Veazie Citizen Public Safety Academy is an educational and informative program that provides citizens the opportunity to learn about the issues that face the Town’s first responders. The goal of the Citizen Public Safety Academy is not only to help residents better understand public safety in the community, but to develop stronger ties between our community and public safety personnel.  This will provide an avenue for citizens and first responders to work together to better address public safety issues.

Benefits of the Citizen Public Safety Academy to Veazie Residents:

  • Citizens and public safety officials have the opportunity to work closely together
  • Lines of communication between community members and their public safety officials are enhanced
  • Citizens gain the ability to make informed decisions regarding controversial issues faced by their community
  • Citizen involvement with the Veazie community is enhanced
  • Citizens gain a better understanding of how the police and fire departments work, while helping to develop public safety partnerships for the betterment of the community at-large
  • Citizens become aware of the issues and challenges facing public safety officials
  • After completing the program citizens can take the knowledge of how public safety operates into the community and share it with friends and family. We hope you will be able to educate others about the Veazie Public Safety Academy to foster a better understanding of our duties, responsibilities and capabilities in serving the community.