Q: Do you send out police patches?

A: No, as a rule we do not engage in police patch trading of any kind. If there is a special request that is outside of the norm, please contact the Chief of Police.

Q: I’ve just moved to Veazie from another Town. How long do I have to change my address on my license and registration?

A: You have thirty (30) days upon changing your address to notify the Secretary of State’s Office of your address change. This includes both license and registration.

Q: I’ve sold my car, can the buyer use my license plates to drive it home?

A: No. Once you change ownership of a motor vehicle, the plates become invalid. Unless transferring the plates to another car you own, you are required to return them to the Secretary of State.

Q: I recently got stopped for a minor traffic violation, such as having a headlight out. This seems like a very lame reason to stop me, so why do you bother?

A: The Veazie Police Department practices “criminal patrol” tactics. This means that we will initiate a traffic stop for any legal reason and look for the “bigger fish”. A study was also done in Gary, Indiana, showing that by increasing the number of traffic stops in their city, the crime rate lowered. It is presumed that the increased visibility played a factor in this. Traffic stops are very minor interruptions in your life and most drivers are on their way within 10 minutes.

Q: If I am stopped by a police officer, what should I do?

A: Immediately pull to the right side of the road as soon as it is safe and stop. Keep your hands on your steering wheel until asked for your documents. DO NOT get out of your vehicle for any reason unless asked by a police officer. Do not conceal your hands in your pockets, or make sudden movements. The officer will direct you on what he/she needs. Remember, although you may know you’re an honest person and mean the officer no harm, he or she will usually have no idea who you are.

Q: Can I obtain a permit to operate an UN-inspected motor vehicle to an inspection station?

A: You may be able to obtain a permit to operate to an inspection station, providing your car meets the inspections standards, and you are able to provide a valid registration and proof of insurance. Check with the Police Department if you need a permit.

Q: If I wish to read a law myself, do you provide this information?

A: Yes, you can come in to the police station and we will provide you the information to the best of our ability. You may also check the Maine State Statutes located here.