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Good Morning Project

The Veazie Police Department is pleased to sponsor the “Good Morning Project” Program. This program is designed to assist senior citizens or adults with disabilities living alone in the community. The goal is to assist these people so that they can continue living an independent lifestyle.  The “Good Morning Project” will aid in eliminating many concerns families may have about loved ones that live alone. The program provides the security of knowing that the family member will have a source of daily contact. This program is free.

Upon completing an application and upon its approval, a police officer or firefighter from the Town of Veazie will call daily, between 8 AM and 10 AM, to say “Good Morning”. If contact cannot be made by telephone, they will come to check the welfare of the participant.

Click here to download the application for this serviceGood Morning Project Application

About the Program

Who is eligible?

Any Veazie resident may be eligible for this program if they are a senior citizen who is 60 or older and are living alone or an adult with disability living alone. A short application must be completed and a waiver signed. This will provide us with some basic information about the participant.

Is there any charge for this program?

No. This program is a free service provided by the Veazie Police and Fire Departments.

How can I participate in this program?

Call (207-947-2358) or come to the Police or Fire Department and complete an application. If you cannot come to the Police or Fire Department, please let us know and someone will be glad to bring the form to you.

What if I have a lifeline?

This program compliments Lifeline or any other service you may already participate in. Lifeline and these other services trigger immediate assistance in emergency.